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Corporate Innovation Workshop with MIT’s Paul Cheek

We invite you to an exclusive workshop with Paul Cheek, renowned author, consultant, co-founder and lecturer. Organized in cooperation with Business School at Warsaw University of Technology, this reserved and in-depth workshop will spend over 4 hours exploring strategies for launching new products, entering new markets and the tactics that go into success adaptability. 

About the Workshop

Corporate Innovation Workshop is a hands-on seminar, designed for CEOs, project heads, strategy managers and other innovation leaders to adapt to a dynamic market by embracing an entrepreneurial mindset. By bridging the gap between corporate strategies and the agility of entrepreneurs, Paul will help leaders understand the power of innovation and how to rapidly enter new markets.

Date: 13 June 2024
Location: Business School at Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw

What will the workshop cover?:

Case activity overview: using a modern disruptive product as an example, participants will assess its real-world success in several stages:

– Video Analysis
– Group Application
– Group Report-Out
– Consensus on Key Factors

Learning Outcomes: an engaging and interactive session exploring strategies for new product ideas, leveraging emerging technologies and approaches to confirm purchases before an official launch, to reduce market entry risks.

A sneak peek at Paul Cheek’s upcoming book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship: Startup Tactics.

About Paul Cheek

Paul Cheek is a globally renowned tech engineer, entrepreneur and consultant. The author of Disciplined Entrepreneurship: Startup Tactics, he combines technical know-how with essential business leadership expertise.

Currently, he serves as Executive Director for the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, as well as a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the MIT Sloan School of Management. Previously, he has co-founded two companies – Oceanworks, a for-profit company with a mission to end plastic pollution and Work Today, a venture-backed digital staffing and recruiting company.

Throughout his career, Paul has taught, mentored, and advised thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, ranging from small scale startups to Fortune 500 organizations, in areas such as product development, software engineering and digital marketing. This includes the likes of BlackRock, Prudential and Mazda.

Paul was named to Forbes 30 Under 30, the definitive list of young people changing the world.

This is an exclusive event, so spaces are also limited. Reserve yours before June 12th so you don’t miss out!
Until 15th May, the registration cost is $670 (later – $990).