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WaMa Innovation Hub

Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship (StartSmart CEE) is a partner of the project by European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH), supporting SMEs in digital transformation.

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About the Project

The main goal of the project is to increase the competitiveness of Polish local companies and improve the quality of business services in the Warmian-Masurian and Masovian Voivodeships by boosting the level of digital transformation, while considering sustainable development and energy efficiency.


EDIHs support businesses in improving their business or production processes, products, or services using digital technologies through:


Providing access to specialized technical knowledge and research, along with “test-before-invest” opportunities


Offering innovative services, such as financial consulting, training, and skill development, which are crucial for successful digital transformation


Assisting businesses in addressing environmental issues, particularly through the use of digital technologies to promote sustainability and a circular economy

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Project Details

Project title: WaMa Innovation Hub


Acronym: WAMA EDIH


Project number: 101083875 (101083875 — WAMA EDIH — DIGITAL-2021-EDIH-01)


Grant Agreement number: FENG.02.22-IP.02-0006/23-00 dated 09.01.2024


Grant Agreement 101083875 — WAMA EDIH dated 21.06.2023


The WaMa Innovation Hub (WAMA EDIH) project is funded by the European Union’s Digital Europe Programme under Grant Agreement 101083875 — WAMA EDIH dated 21.06.2023 and by the European Funds for a Modern Economy 2021-2027 under action 02.22 Co-funding of EDIH activities in accordance with Agreement FENG.02.22-IP.02-0006/23-00 dated 09.01.2024.



EU/DEP funding: 2,257,125.95 EUR


FENG funding: 10,646,863.00 PLN


Total eligible expenditure: 21,293,726.00 PLN / 4,514,251.89 EUR

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