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A record number of 26 technology startups from Central and Eastern Europe begins acceleration alongside the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE and program partners.
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Warsaw, 25 May 2020 – The 26 most promising startups from Central and Eastern Europe are starting acceleration as part of the 3rd edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program. This time, the selected technology companies include, among others, the owners of a tool for automation of trend-spotting and foresight projects, inventors of the intelligent regression test selector, the creators of the voice biometrics system, fast cooling technology or electronic language.

The goal of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program is to support and promote innovative technology startups from Central and Eastern Europe and help them develop in new markets.

Over 200 applications from 23 countries

The two-month recruitment for the third edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator, which ended on March 8, 2020, aimed at startups that already had a product or service from the areas of Industry 4.0, Martech, E-commerce, Artificial Inteligence, Data Analytics, Medtech, Fintech, Health, Energy, or VR and AR ready to be marketed.

Finally, 221 startups from 20 European and Middle East countries applied for the project. The most promising 26 startups, whose applications have been approved, come from 4 countries: Poland, Great Britain, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Startups that have qualified for the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator will gain access to a team of over 120 Polish and international experts, unique know-how from MIT, passed on the basis of the workshop model we have revised in 2020 and based on the methodology of 24 steps of disciplined entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet – a professor at MIT, as well as the technical and technological background of the program partners – says Łukasz Owczarek, Head of Acceleration at MIT Enterprise Forum CEE. Each entrepreneur will also receive a chance for pilot implementation of their project and a number of consultancy services worth of up to PLN 200,000. In addition, the startups will be able to take part in the CVC Young Innovator Award competition, the winner of which will receive a prize of PLN 100,000 for further business development – adds Łukasz Owczarek.

Participation in the acceleration program affiliated with MIT is, as history shows, a milestone in the development of any enterprise thinking about expansion, cooperation with market giants or entering the US market.

MIT EF CEE is managerial education at its best. It is also a well-established brand that attracts the best people – both mentors and company representatives who find their future business partners among the participating startups. Having had the pleasure to participate in the 2nd edition of the acceleration program, we gained practical knowledge, new business contacts and great memories. We were implementing a recruitment project for PZU at that time – our platform gained new candidates for the company and automatically assessed their skills maximizing the chance for a good fit.

We keep our fingers crossed for the participants of the 3rd edition of the program! Qualifying for acceleration with such a large number of competitors from 23 countries has already been a great achievement. However, the biggest challenges are still ahead of you! Tomasz Florczak, CEO at

List of the selected technologies developed by startups qualified for the 3rd edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program:

Ademotion is a tool for personalizing advertising, based on personality, value system and aesthetic preferences.

AIQA is an intelligent test selector using innovative methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AIQA reduces the number of regression tests performed on the CI server by nearly 90%, optimizing the testing processes of programming projects. is a mobile application that connects wirelessly to a kitchen scale, allowing diabetics to take care of their diet and reduce the risk of life-threatening complications easily.

BallSquad is a sports facility management system and an application for online booking and creating sporting events. is a solution that helps airlines save time and money in the event of air traffic disruptions, offering companies a system that is capable of finding and booking up to 100 hotel rooms in 2 minutes.

Bitres offers a voice biometrics system that can be used in the process of confirming identity on the Internet or in a call centre.

Blovly is a global platform for mass and personalized two-way communication of brands and customers, based on gamification and natural language processing using artificial intelligence.

Clinic Hunter is a marketplace connecting patients and clinics all over the world. The solution helps patients find a clinic and organize treatment abroad, as well as plan their upcoming trip.

EasySolar is a platform that automates and streamlines the sale of photovoltaic installations, intended for companies selling micro and small installations.

FitMech is a IIOT cloud platform for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data to increase the efficiency and availability of production equipment.

FutureOn is a tool for automating trendspotting and foresight projects with a direct impact on implementation potential based on Big Data – SaaS.

GoodSafe is a solution that guarantees safe and controlled access to documents, policies, wills, bills or other important information collected by the user, whose content, in accordance with the owner’s ordinance, will be disclosed in certain random cases, guaranteeing the automatic and uninterrupted performance of previously authorized instructions.

Goodsleeper is an application digitalizing the program of cognitive-behavioural insomnia therapy, which is a scientifically confirmed form of treatment of sleep disorders.

Hilo Solutions is a startup that developed HILO.1 – a cleantech IT solution based on AI technology that automates participation in the DSR energy market in a safe way for the managed infrastructure.

Immuno8 solves the problem of late detection of immunogenicity of new drugs, using in-silico tools based on computer molecular modelling, which can be used even in the very early stages of designing a new biotechnological drug.

Oxygeni is a company that has created an air pollution filter based on the use of existing urban street lighting infrastructure. The device has remote access with a simple operating and management system.

PioLigOn is a startup that, using computational methods, is successfully developing a platform for the design of peptide drugs, allowing the expansion of peptides with unnatural amino acids and precise determination of their desired binding site.

PlanentHeroes is a global crowdfunding platform created in Poland that, using fintech technology, enables the implementation of peer-to-peer money donations to support and promote conservation projects.

Sensoliq is an “electronic language” that allows the assessment of the taste of medicines that cannot be tested by expert panels for ethical reasons.

SliceUp is a solution that, based on real-time data analysis, predicts possible IT failures before they occur, reducing possible costs resulting from IT infrastructure downtime.

Steppie is an e-commerce platform solution for insurance policies allowing  users to independently purchase various policies online.

TokWise is a solution that supports energy companies and accelerates their digital transformation by optimizing portfolio management processes.

UltronAR is a startup offering business solutions using augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

V-Chiller is a completely eco-friendly solution using fast cooling technology, which can cool 4 or more cans of drink on demand in less than a minute, saving a lot of energy.

VivaDrive is a solution that optimizes the operating costs of traditional and electric car fleets, and allows companies to implement low-carbon transport.

WebTotem is a web monitoring application that helps companies protect their websites against hacking and constantly evolving cyber threats.

The main partners of the program include three organizations. Adamed  – a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, which was founded on the basis of Polish scientific thought and own patents. The Coca-Cola system companies in Poland – the leader of the non-alcoholic beverages market, and MCX – the core of a strong group of specialized companies, providing comprehensive FinTech, renewable energy and broadly understood SmartCity solutions. Supporting partners include Allmedica, Archicom, CVC Capital Partners, TVN – part of the Discovery Group, HubHub, MDI Energia, Nationale-Nederlanden, Sabre Polska, Sollers Consulting and PZU. The implementation of the program is supported by a grant awarded to Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under Measure of the 2.5 SGOP Acceleration Programs.

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