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Registration for the online Conference entitled “AI in health”, which will be held on June 8, 2021, is now opened!
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The conference is the first event in Poland dedicated exclusively to AI in health, bringing together the largest, most important industry organizations, as well as representatives of the public side. Participation in the Conference was confirmed by the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health Minister Anna Goławska, President of the Medical Research Agency Radosław Sierpiński, Patient Ombudsman Bartłomiej Chmielowiec and representatives of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

The Council of Ministers adopted the “Policy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Poland“, which is one of the key moments in the development of AI in Poland. Coordination of activities and initiatives in the area of regulations undertaken by key AI stakeholders in the Polish health care system will contribute to establishing a coherent strategy for AI development in Poland.

We are witnessing technological changes in the field of AI that have a transformative impact on the health care system, the development of scientific research and patient care. AI is the future of the medical sector, as evidenced by the increasing use of artificial intelligence in medical solutions. According to the data collected in the “Top Disruptors in Healthcare 2021” Report, it shows that almost 50% of startups operate in the field of AI. This is a significant increase compared to last year’s edition of the Report, in which less than 30% of startups declared their activity in the area of AI. This indicates a rapid increase in the use of artificial intelligence in innovative solutions offered on the market, which in the future will contribute to the dynamic development of the healthcare sector,” says Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director of Polish Hospital Federation, President of the Young Healthcare Managers Association, leader of AI in Health Coalition. 

The aim of the conference is to create a platform for the exchange of national and foreign knowledge and experience in the field of medical regulations, technologies and standards, which will help to fully use the potential of AI in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

“I have no doubts that AI is a natural and necessary element of the development of medicine today. As a cardiologist – dealing with patients on a daily basis, but also a researcher participating in many international projects, I see a great need to integrate and systematize data and optimize a number of processes – including diagnostic ones. Not only am I not afraid of it, but I am deeply interested in and committed to developing this approach, also in my unit. The trick is not so much having data as its effective and wise use in both the scientific and clinical process. Therefore, I am glad that the Medical University of Wroclaw is a co-organizer of such a valuable project for our community. I hope that thanks to its effects we will jointly influence the future of medicine in Poland,” says Prof. dr hab. Piotr Ponikowski, Rector of the Wroclaw Medical University. 

The organizer of the conference is the Polish Hospital Federation, in cooperation with the British Embassy, Wroclaw Medical University and the AI Coalition in Health. The Main Partners of the Conference are Google Cloud and PZU Zdrowie. The supporting partner is Operator Chmury Krajowej. The conference is also held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Health, the National Center for Research and Development and the Patient Ombudsman. MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is the media patron. The conference is free of charge and will be held in an online form with simultaneous translation into English on June 8, 2021.

“Innovations in medicine are no longer the domain of research centers and they really support the work of our doctors in medical facilities. They also positively influence the patient’s experience, which we put first at PZU Zdrowie. That is why we are open to solutions that can improve patient service, especially in the field of diagnostics or supporting prophylaxis, for example electronic stethoscopes for detecting heart and lung diseases. I believe that the AI in Health Coalition will allow for the development of practical applications and their popularization in outpatient medical care. Supporting such initiatives is one of the assumptions of our new development strategy,” says Anna Janiczek, President of the Management Board of PZU Zdrowie.

During the conference, the Report “Top Disruptors in Healthcare 2021” will be officially presented, which is the only report in Poland that takes stock of the Polish medtech sector. This year’s edition of the Report was attended by 115 medical startups, moreover, it obtained over 50 patrons, including support from key public entities supporting innovation, industry organizations and media partners.

„Google’s mission is to organize information while making it accessible to all. The health care system, based on huge amounts of information, is the best example of how artificial intelligence can support people by giving meaning to health information, and thus – significantly influencing the development of medicine and the patient care system. We observe a growing number of medical startups in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the increasing involvement of scientific universities in the analysis of information using AI. That is why we are glad to be a partner of the initiative supporting the sharing of knowledge and experience in the areas of regulations, technologies and medical standards at the national and international level. The “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report clearly shows the great potential of startups from our region in the field of health care,” says Michał Kramarz, Head of Google for Startups, CEE. 

“In April 2021, the British Embassy in Warsaw, together with PAIH and the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology, organized the 3rd Polish-British Business, Trade and Investment Forum dedicated to digital health and new medical technologies in health. During this event speakers repeatedly referred to AI issues, which only confirms how important this topic is in the medical community. Therefore, the British Embassy supports activities for the safe and transparent implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms in health care and is a partner of the conference, which will be entirely dedicated to artificial intelligence in health care. The UK government announced in 2017 that it intends to use data and artificial intelligence to “transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease by 2030.” In 2018, it invested in five new centers of excellence in using artificial intelligence to improve imaging diagnostics and pathology. These centers, in partnership with the NHS, universities and industry, develop technology solutions and products for smarter medical imaging and pathological data analysis. The aim is to diagnose disease at an earlier stage, make better clinical decisions for patients and allow more time for staff to look after patients directly within the NHS. We cordially invite you to the AI ​​in Health conference, during which we would like to share British experiences in this field,” adds Magdalena Ociepa – Wróblewska, Regional Campaign Director – Healthcare and Life Sciences, Central Europe.

People and organizations interested in participating in the conference are invited to register on the website and to contact:

Ligia Kornowska
Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation
Phone: 690 875 075 

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