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16 start-ups will undergo the first acceleration of MIT Enterprise Forum CEE. Among them are teams from the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Learn something about their technologies!
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On May 9, the first edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program began. From nearly 300 applications, the accelerator chose 16 start-ups from Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. There are, among others, the creator of an application which aims at protecting health against airborne contamination, a technology for combating pathogenic bacteria with the help of bacteriophages or a platform using artificial intelligence to acquire and recruit talent from the IT industry. For the next three months, the start-ups will undergo a comprehensive acceleration process in cooperation with Polish and international companies, and the top five teams will participate in the weekly Bootcamp in Boston!

The aim of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration is to support the most innovative scientific and technological start-ups from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe by combining their potential with the knowledge and resources of large enterprises from sectors including finance, insurance, energy and life science, as well as the experience of mentors who have achieved spectacular successes in international business. In addition to young Polish companies, teams from the Czech Republic and Bulgaria qualified to the first edition of the program as well.

– Although we primarily focus on the acceleration of technological start-ups from Central and Eastern Europe, we are also open to interesting and innovative technologies from other parts of the world. When it comes to the current edition of the program, we received applications from, among others, the USA or Nigeria. This shows that the start-up support offered by Polish ecosystem is picked up and increasingly attractive to young entrepreneurs from around the world – said Łukasz Owczarek, Head of Acceleration at MIT Enterprise Forum CEE.

Start-ups that qualify for the project will undergo acceleration in accordance with the 24 steps of disciplined entrepreneurship model developed by William Aulet, professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and will be given the opportunity for global networking, consultation with lawyers, patent attorneys and sales coaches, as well as establishing business relations with potential partners or investors from the USA.


  • Air Solution: Mobile application (AirLief), which aims at protecting health against airborne pollution. The company also started the production of anti-smog masks and prototypes of air quality sensor line for outdoor and indoor use.
  • AISens: Provides precise measurements of joint mobility in real time. Thanks to Orthyo Sensors, therapy is safer and more effective, which significantly facilitates the physiotherapeutic process.
  • ChallengeRocket: A platform using artificial intelligence to acquire and recruit talent from the IT industry.
  • Intelliseq: Automatic system for fast and precise analysis of genetic information which gives the possibility of generating clinical reports for many diagnostic threads.
  • PhageArmour: Technology of combating pathogenic bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains, using bacteriophages, dedicated to, among others, veterinary industry and companies involved in animal production.
  • me: Innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of sales and service of micro-insurance through a mobile application or a website.
  • ROIVENUE ™: A comprehensive solution for marketers, integrating advertising data, CRM and web analytics in one place, allowing for a greater return on investment in marketing campaigns.
  • Runvido: An application that helps a business to communicate with clients in a more effective way by assigning videos, which can be played using the application in the phone, to static images.
  • Sovigo: A system of targeted drug delivery in inflammatory bowel diseases that at the same time limits its effect on healthy tissue.
  • Spectral Games: Application that displays 3D holograms, which helps employees to perform complicated technical procedures step by step, including assembly, service or quality control activities.
  • : Offers CreditCloud API credit services to clients in any shopping context by increasing the level of their availability.
  • Tensorflight: Performing automatic and immediate real estate inspections by using the system of recognizing objects in satellite and aerial photographs.
  • Telmedico: A telemedical platform that offers e-medical consultations 24 hours a day, making early diagnosis and effective treatment possible.
  • UnifiedAPI: Support for large companies in integrating with start-ups, which allows for faster and cheaper creation of new solutions.
  • 3dBody: 3D scanner assisting physiotherapists in increasing the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and in monitoring the progress of therapy.
  • 1000 reaitlies: A tool facilitating remote work of industrial workers using augmented reality and smart glass.


MIT Enterprise Forum CEE has already opened recruitment for the autumn edition of the program. Young entrepreneurs interested in participating in the project may submit applications via the website by 30 June, 2019.

The main partners of the program are Adamed – a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, which was founded on the basis of Polish scientific thought and own patents, and MCX – the core of a strong group of specialized companies, including, among others, companies in the field of ICT solutions and renewable energy.

Supporting partners include LINK4, Nationale-Nederlanden, MDI Energia SA, Sollers Consulting, PZU and Vetasi. The substantive partners include the Authorized Training Center of Sandler Training – Twarowski & Posmyk, CRIDO, EUPATENT.PL patent office, Extended Tools, Novismo, TaxLab and Hasik Rheims & Partners. Organizations supporting acceleration include CMS Law and Tax, Foundation for Polish Science, Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association in Poland (PBICA).

The implementation of the program is supported by a grant awarded to Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości Technologicznej by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under Measure of the 2.5 SGOP Acceleration Programs.

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