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Recruitment for the 4th edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program has just started. Apply and win up to PLN 200,000 for the development of your business!
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MIT Enterprise Forum CEE has just started recruitment for the autumn edition of startup scaling program. The accelerator supports science and technology startups from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe that develop technologies in the areas of FinTech, InsurTech, Energy, SmartBuildings, Industry 4.0, Digital Solutions, HealthTech, MedTech, DigitalHealth, MarTech, Sustainability and Waste Management. Companies that qualify for the 4th edition will get a chance for, among others, pilot implementation of their solutions, acquisition of new clients and a subsidy of PLN 200,000 for further business development in Poland, Europe and the USA.

Applications can be submitted until June 28, 2020 via the website.

Today, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading all over the world, humanity is fighting not only for the health and life of over 7.6 billion inhabitants of the world, but also the future of the global economy. It is a new reality not only for the states and their health care services, but also companies, for which the coming months will be a test for their business models.

To a large extent, innovative solutions and services developed by startups help us in the fight against the effects of progressive coronavirus pandemic.

The MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator has been successfully searching for and supporting startups developing innovations in the field of science and new technologies in the CEE region for years.

Many solutions developed by startups from previous editions of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator have already been used in medicine or business – says Łukasz Owczarek, Head of Acceleration MIT Enterprise Forum CEE. The technologies of startups from our region may have a real impact on the quality of our life and health – he adds.

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration is implemented under the auspices of the prestigious scientific centre and the American unicorn forge – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The qualification to the MIT acceleration program itself is a milestone in the development of any enterprise thinking about expansion or entering the US market

What does the Accelerator offer?

22 startups that qualify to the 4th edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program will gain access to a team of over 120 Polish and international market experts, unique know-how straight from the MIT University, passed on the basis of the 24 steps of disciplined entrepreneurship model created by Bill Aulet, a professor at MIT, as well as the technical and technological background of the program partners. What’s more, each of the entrepreneurs has a chance to win pilot implementation of their project, financed up to PLN 200,000. The stake is high!

At MIT EF CEE, we understand how important, especially today, is supporting the development of innovations and the people behind them. What we offer to startups applying for the 4th edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program is real help in developing their business models and connecting them with potential investors, business partners and future clients in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe and the United States. We do this so that, in the future, they will be able to easily find themselves in the market reality, effectively commercialize their solutions and acquire subsequent financing rounds, adds Łukasz Owczarek.

The best science and technology startups from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe selected during the DemoDay program planned for January 2021 will also receive an invitation to Bootcamp in Boston, during which they will be able to present their technologies to investors and potential US customers. A training visit in Boston is also a good time to learn about one of the world’s largest innovation ecosystems and prepare a strategy for your business to get a foothold on the US market with the support of the best experts.

Another PLN 100,000 for social innovations

The acceleration program is complemented by the CVC Young Innovator Awards, organized by CVC Capital Partners, a partner of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program. The winner will be granted a prize of PLN 100,000. Startups that qualify for the program, meet the competition’s requirements and their technologies will be characterized by high social utility may take part in the competition.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about radical changes in our daily lives or past habits and will permanently affect business reality, rapidly accelerating such trends as digitization but also strengthening the social face of business. The current crisis will select new leaders from among those companies that will be able to quickly adapt to the “new normality” and respond to the real needs of customers. In the competition, we want to appreciate those who can observe market trends and, responding to them, create innovative technological solutions while addressing social needs, says Krzysztof Krawczyk, Partner of CVC Capital Partners.


The main partners of the program include three organizations. Adamed  – a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, which was founded on the basis of Polish scientific thought and own patents. The Coca-Cola system companies in Poland – the leader of the non-alcoholic beverages market, and MCX – the core of a strong group of specialized companies, providing comprehensive FinTech, renewable energy and broadly understood SmartCity solutions.

Supporting partners include CVC Capital Partners, TVN – part of the Discovery Group, HubHub, MDI, Nationale-Nederlanden, Sollers Consulting and PZU. The implementation of the program is supported by a grant awarded to Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under Measure of the 2.5 SGOP Acceleration Programs.

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    Recruitment for Autumn 2023 StartSmart CEE Acceleration Program is closed.

    Recruitment for the Autumn 2023 edition is closed, subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about the start of the next Acceleration and other opportunities.

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