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The Metaverse Hub – the first Executive Education Program of its kind in Europe – launches today.
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The Metaverse Hub is a joint initiative of Molecule Group, a premier independent marketing and technology consultancy, and MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, a leading global innovation platform where the world’s greatest corporations meet with innovative startups to develop new business models.

“The Metaverse will be a parallel economy stimulated by new concepts backed by the advancement of technologies. Gartner predicts that, in about four years, a quarter of the population will spend around 1 hour a day in the Metaverse and 30% of organizations will have products for metaverse. In a very short time, quite a number of companies and consumers will become familiar with, and will enter, unknown markets where new rules, services and products will prove disruptive to the current status quo thinking.” – said Magdalena Jabłońska, CEO of Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship, operator of the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE.

The Metaverse Hub program discusses and analyses all relevant aspects of the newly emerging meta economy. It teaches how companies can populate virtual realities in both B2C and B2B environments. Based on practical industry case studies, participants will learn what tactics companies can use to ensure safe and adequate customer engagement with digital realities.

“Welcome to the digital wild west. Today is the best time to enter the world of virtual realities, where the rules are just being set, and there is still a chance to take a leadership position.” – said Krzysztof Bulski, Managing Director at Molecule Group.

The program highlights include six strategic seminars with top industry experts covering such fields as the future of consumer behaviour, business models in the Metaverse, a blockchain masterclass, and regulatory and legal aspects, as well as Metaverse influencers and digital humans. Participants will work on very practical group and individual assignments and benefit from first-hand use of the Metaverse through various immersion activities for an interactive learning experience. An important element of the programme is access to an extensive knowledge database, which participants retain after completion.

“The expertise, knowledge, and open learning experience we want to bring to the Metaverse Hub members will not only build their entry capabilities but also ensure that transparent and trusted business models are developed responsibly, bringing the Metaverse community a recognized value which enriches the real world” – added Magdalena Jabłońska.

Lead Experts who have joined the platform and will be teaching the first cohort of participants include Dr Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, Metaverse Producer at Decentraland Foundation, Axel Beelen, Certified DPO and Blockchain Law Consultant, Ethan Pierse, Co-Founder of the NFT Factory and Director of the CryptoAssets Institute, Bugge Holm Hansen, Associated Partner and Head of Center for Future Driven Sports & Entertainment at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, and Sami Tauber, Chief Metaverse Officer at VNCCII.

“We have managed to create a programme that gives business leaders the opportunity to meet top industry experts who are shaping the future of the metaverse on a daily basis. The Metaverse Hub’s greatest value is its practical approach to learning and working on specific case studies in business with people who know them first-hand.” – adds Krzysztof Bulski.

With the launch of the Metaverse Hub, a report on “Ways to Populate the Metaverse” has been released. The report analyzes major Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Horizon and Roblox. You can download it for free on the Metaverse Hub website:

“Our report provides an easy-to-understand overview of what business models are available to companies for populating the Metaverse.” – said Krzysztof Bulski.

Soon, the Metaverse Hub will also give access to an extensive network of experts ready to support large and medium size organisations in strategy development and the implementation of projects in an on-demand model.

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