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New start-ups in the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland acceleration program. Their technology may surprise you!
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MIT Enterprise Forum Poland, one of the largest accelerators for technological start-ups in Poland, has just commenced with its 5th edition. This time around, 18 young companies that qualified for the project will for the next three months work on the development of their businesses under the supervision of Polish and international mentors and experts. Among them are, for instance, the creators of an innovative system that provides for energy recovery by city buses; a technology that provides for the reduction of the therapeutic dose of drugs while maintaining their original effects and at the same time weakening the undesired effects; or an application dedicated to vineyard owners that provides for an increase in yield and a reduction of costs associated with irrigation and fertilization processes. The best start-ups will get the chance to participate in a week-long Bootcamp in Boston, and to win PLN 100 thousand in the CVC Young Innovator Awards competition.

The objective of the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program is to facilitate the development of young, innovative technological companies by combining their potential with the knowledge, experience, and resources of leading Polish and international enterprises, organizations, and investment funds. To date, nearly 100 start-ups have undergone acceleration with us. According to Łukasz Owczarek, Head of Acceleration at the Foundation for Technological Entrepreneurship, the organizer of the program, there are still many ambitious, visionary companies on the Polish market which – provided they receive the relevant support at the beginning of their business activity – may conquer the international market with their technology.

When we began recruitment for the 5th edition of the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program, we wondered if there were still start-ups in Poland that could surprise us, not just with the innovativeness of the technologies they develop, but also with the competences and motivation of a whole team. Today, we know that there are – says Łukasz Owczarek. – 18 start-ups that created unique solutions, among others, for life sciences, the insurance industry or the agri-food sector, qualified for the program. However, many of them lack knowledge and experience as well as a financial fundament, therefore – despite genuinely innovative technologies – they cannot develop effectively. The role of the program is to support young entrepreneurs in overcoming these obstacles and help them transform a unique idea into a thriving business with the potential to achieve success on the Polish and international markets – he added.

Due to the cooperation with CVC Capital Partners, young entrepreneurs who qualified for the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program will for the second time compete for PLN 100,000 for business development in the CVC Young Innovator Awards competition. The organizers want to distinguish solutions, which apart from their high technological potential, are characterized by high social usefulness.


3D Motion Controls: A solution that facilitates communication between humans and machines, including, among others, a controller that improves efficiency and work in the CAD/CAM environments, as well as environments for the design of three-dimensional buildings. The use of a built-in symptom-checker with artificial intelligence to improve the availability of paediatric medical care. The solution allows parents to obtain a preliminary diagnosis of the child based on the symptoms.

Bioavlee: Automation technology for micro-organisms identification process, among others in the cosmetic industry. Thanks to the company’s proprietary patents, it redefines the method of identifying micro-organisms and makes work in laboratories more accurate, faster, cheaper and simpler.

Bioceltix: The use of immunomodulatory properties of stem cells to solve typical autoimmune problems in the treatment of animals. The company creates biological drugs that are a beneficial alternative to traditional pharmacology.

BIOTTS: Innovative carrier of therapeutic substances which provides for dosage reduction of therapeutic drugs while maintaining its original effect and at the same time weakening undesired effects. The technology provides for a ten-fold higher bioavailability of the drug.

Boomerun: A technology dedicated to insurance companies, aimed at solving problems related to the lack of optimization tools for actuarial models based on real data, in particular, in the scope of customer health behaviors.

Byotta: System for cooling of electric car batteries that provides for faster charging and longer life. The technology is based on the use of innovative heat exchange geometry and composite materials.

EBnavi: An integrated SaaS tool for measuring, developing and managing the employer’s brand. The scientifically developed algorithm reduces time and costs of preparing the employer’s branding strategy and helps obtain a competitive advantage in this area.

Mapple: Software for location intelligence. The technology helps cities and companies to use data analysis to take strategic decisions based on a unique method of connecting, improving and analyzing multiple streams of location data.

NeuroGames Lab: An automated platform in the SaaS model based on a scientifically validated, proprietary recruitment game. The technology combines the discoveries of neuroscience, gamification and psychology, making the recruitment process friendlier and resistant to manipulation.

Photon Robot Entertainment: An inspiring, simple and durable robot that encourages children to think creatively. A solution created as a response to the problem of the inefficient use of technology and technological exclusion.

Saps Enterprise: A patented, 100% safe and eco-friendly system that protects cables and fiber-optic cables from being bitten by animals.

Smabbler: Artificial general intelligence (AGI) with cognitive-linguistic abilities for advanced automation process with text data. The system learns fast without intensive training and large sets of data; works with the most complex tasks and achieves higher accuracy than existing language technologies.

Thorium Space: Satellite equipment that will serve to send into orbit innovative antennas operating on fast communication band, unused to date.

VERS Produkcja: An advanced recuperation system enabling energy recovery from the so-called engine braking in city buses. The operating principle is based on the use of alternators to produce energy, which is further used to power electrical devices on board a vehicle.

VINUM 4.0: Mobile application that monitors prevailing conditions in the vineyard using satellite data and sensors for precision viticulture. The technology contributes to the increase of yield, reduction of costs related to fertilization and irrigation as well as optimization of the management process.

VisionQb by TechOcean: A system, where the use of machine vision allows you to quickly implement quality control on the production line. A mobile application that solves daily communication problems in large organizations, especially in sales teams, providing an environment for training, knowledge testing and collecting feedback.


The 5th edition of the program envisages acceleration in the general path, and in four specialized industry-specific paths. The Health path is co-created with Adamed. The partners of the Insurtech path are LINK4, Nationale-Nederlanden, PZU and Sollers Consulting. The Agritech Hub fund supports the implementation of the Agritech path, while Industry 4.0 path is dedicated to technology start-ups interested in cooperation with partners from the Lower Silesia region – both substantive and technological partners, such as: Balluff, FANUC Poland, ValueTech fund, Wrocław Technology Park, Agencja Rozwoju Aglomeracji Wrocławskiej, PORT Association of TOP 500 Innovators, as well as the consulting firm Olesiński & Partners.

Partners supporting the program include Visa, CVC Capital Partners fund (the initiator and sponsor of Young Innovator Awards competition) and Campus Warsaw. The substantive partners of the program are Wardyński & Partners, EUPATENT.PL, Hasik Rheims & Partners, Extended Disc Poland and Novismo. Sales training for start-ups will be conducted by experts from the Sandler Training Authorised Training Centre – Twarowski & Posmyk. Organisations supporting acceleration include CMS Law.Tax, Foundation for Polish Science and the Association of Organisers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centres in Poland (SOOIPP).

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