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PZU: How, together with startups, are we increasing the innovation of the largest financial group in the CEE region?
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At PZU, we test and implement over a dozen innovative solutions developed together with startups every year. That’s why we effectively change the organization and support clients using the latest technologies. Most of all, we develop joint projects with startups from the areas of big data, digitization or new interactions with clients. MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator, of which we are a partner, is a good platform to start such cooperation.

The PZU Group is the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe. We serve over 22 million customers in five countries (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine). We operate in the areas of insurance, banking, investments and healthcare. Altogether, we manage nearly PLN 300 billion in assets.

Areas for seeking innovation

Currently, we are looking for startups in three strategic areas – the use of Big Data, digitization and new interactions with clients.

In the area of advanced analytics, we are interested in using solutions supporting the implementation of advanced pricing methods, cross-selling initiatives or increasing the level of customer engagement and loyalty. It is important for us to use the potential of data science, which leads to better business management and risk prediction. In the area of digitization, we are interested in a wide range of new technologies that enable automation, simplification and acceleration of processes in all areas of activity – e.g. sales, claims or customer service. In particularly, we focus on technologies using  artificial intelligence, which are implemented on large-scale processes, both within the organization and at the points of contact with clients. In the last area – new interactions – we are looking for solutions supporting PZU in increasing the frequency and quality of contact with our clients. We want to implement services that respond to the changing needs of customers (both individual and enterprises), as well as reach them in new ways and channels that are the most suitable.

Under the 2020 program, the highest priorities for PZU include:

  • automation of the area of claims and provisions as well as customer service
  • digitization in the area of product distribution, including sales support by agents and redirecting traffic from online channels to traditional channels
  • new interactions with clients – concepts that can increase the number of interactions with PZU clients, including the self-service portal
  • cyber security services for individuals
  • services added in the context of selected customer segments, e.g. pregnant women and parents
  • the use of machine learning in investment processes
  • the use of new technologies in the area of marketing – increasing the conversion of marketing activities, customer engagement, collecting feedback from customers in real time
  • implementation of modern tools and automation in the area of tariff actuarial

Mutual benefits

We assume that PZU’s cooperation with startups should bring mutual benefits in the form of well-executed pilot projects and full implementations. The startups we are looking for must feature technology-based solutions that create exceptional value for PZU and our customers. We are looking for competent teams focused on solving well-defined problems, which are also important from the perspective of PZU. Not just descriptions of solutions, but the ability to quickly test them in a real environment and on real data  is essential to us. As the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe, most of all, we offer the possibility of implementing large-scale solutions. We focus on pilot projects and hence guarantee that, if both parties agree on the business legitimacy of the joint project, implementation will be our priority. In addition, as part of the acceleration process, we offer the support of our mentors – members of the management team and managers of individual areas, appropriate for a given startup.


All startups with unique solutions that fit into PZU’s search areas are welcome to apply to the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator as part of the next, spring edition of the program!

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