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The power of Boston Bootcamp by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE
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Make your American Dream come true! All startups know that it is not enough to focus business strategy on Poland or even the EU region. One needs a global strategy. Only then it is possible to attract quality investors. But how to do it? It is easier said than done. Boston Bootcamp by MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

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The MIT Enterprise Forum CEE accelerator serves as a door opener to the US, and in particular the East Coast. Each year, the accelerator delivers two editions of CEE-based, equity-free startup acceleration program. The 2-month long acceleration culminates in an annual week-long Bootcamp in Boston, Massachusetts USA for the top ten finalists combined from that year’s two editions. And it is this Boston Bootcamp, that is the gem of the MIT EF CEE program, that best startups of each edition get invited to. The Boston Bootcamp is a seven-day within a framework designed to support startups continued business growth. It’s is a wild ride, with a lot of fun, great food, awesome networking… and a lot of work. In English, of course. What’s in it for startup founders? The aim of the bootcamp is to prepare the CEE-based entrepreneurs for building their businesses in the US. They come back home with a much clearer understanding of how the US market works and what is required to build a business in that market. Some startups say that one week in Boston was more important than 3 months of the MIT EF acceleration program. And please note that MIT EF acceleration is considered to be the best in CEE. How is this all accomplished? It’s accomplished by hard, yet very rewarding work done during the week condensed with meetings and business-oriented seminars. Just to name a few, it is the time founders:

  • get connected with relevant mentors and experts who give them perspective on the competitive landscape, can help organize relevant meetings, and make additional introductions;
  • get feedback on their US “go to market strategy”, by experienced US entrepreneurs;
  • pitch to several investors’ audiences, including angels and VCs. The biggest event takes place during the CEE Night in the Cambridge Venture Café. Each startup is additionally trained by Linda Plano, with written and oral pitch directed to the US audience;
  • gain information on the US tactics in terms of legal form, visa, and regulatory aspects.

Every entrepreneur who gets into the MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program becomes a part of an elite Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is a worldwide known hotbed for entrepreneurial activity, with its alumni forming literally hundreds of new companies every year. Founders get access to more experienced entrepreneurs from the US and our region. In the past, during the Boston Bootcamp, we had had the pleasure to host Stefan Batory from Booksy, Michal Borkowski from Brainly, Bartosz Skwarczek from G2A, Mary Waszkiewicz from Randolph, Borya and Vadim from PDF Filer (a unicorn), Filip Twarowski from Point API, Mike Krymov from Sleepbox. If one considers international expansion, Boston bootcamp opens many doors. The US market is extremely liquid when it comes to raising capital. To be a relevant player, one cannot just think about launching business in the US but know when and how to do it. Here at MIT EF CEE we know the answers to both of these questions. Gain most of the Boston Bootcamp and reach your goals. Make your American dream come true.  

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