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Top Trends in ITSM Systems. What’s worth paying attention to in 2021?
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The need to introduce remote working and its associated problems has made IT management systems within the organisation (the so-called ITSM) crucial to the transition and for maintaining the business continuity of companies.

Intelligent ITSM solutions

Automation and the use of artificial intelligence are currently dominant among the development trends of this type of solution. The effect is, among others, the improvement of tools supporting the work of the helpdesk by using more and more intelligent chatbots.

Remote employee support by the IT team has become critical not only to provide everyone with the opportunity to work at home, but also to make it effective and, above all, safe for the entire organisation – explains Jarosław Łukasiewicz, CEO of Vetasi, a consulting company and advanced IT implementations in various types of enterprises.

ITSM tools (Information Technology Service Management) are used to manage IT systems and cover the entire area of activities aimed at designing, planning, delivering, monitoring, and servicing IT services.These are various types of solutions providing remote IT support, helpdesk tools, as well as security monitoring solutions in the case of using private devices for work. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned ITSM solutions into critical tools for business from previously considered accompanying systems – emphasizes Jarosław Łukasiewicz.

Chatbot’s in the lead role: A modern service desk

The transition to the remote work model has forced companies to implement solutions that provide the employee with comfort while performing their tasks and ensures the entire organisation is safe. It is primarily about the ability to efficiently report failures and create an effective system for monitoring such cases.

Working from home, we may not even be aware that some of the components of the system we use are not working. Also, any failure, even a minor one, slows down the work, affecting its efficiency.

The answer to this type of problem is ITSM solutions with very advanced helpdesk systems. They use, among others, Chatbots that ask very precise questions and thanks to the use of artificial intelligence they can propose a solution on their own and, as a last resort, redirect the application to an engineer.

At the same time, they send a very detailed description of the problem. As a result, the customer gets a solution faster with less engineer workload – says Jarosław Łukasiewicz.

Chatbots that understand answers to questions not only literally but also contextually already help technicians with simple customer service tasks. This includes, for example, approving reports or adding notes to them after discussing details with an employee.

Chatbots help end-users, i.e. employees of a given company, to solve simple problems and track the status of requests without the need to contact a technician. This allows not only to speed up the entire process, but also to relieve the support staff, and thus minimize costs.

Vetasi has implemented a modern chatbot in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Farmak. This tool was created using the IBM Control Desk system, which offers an intuitive self-service interface, automated service management, and integration with the company’s application ecosystem, which reduces costs and increases user satisfaction.

This is important because, in the ITSM area, the role of good perception of these solutions – not only by users but also IT employees – is increasing.
Thanks to IBM Control Desk, users can easily order services, chat with the support department, report problems, conveniently search for solutions and track the status of their request. It is possible since all tasks and information about them are collected in a central database, and not scattered over several departments or teams.

Implementing IBM Control Desk: Key Benefits

• Fewer service requests – The service catalogue and the in-house application centre allow’s end-users to choose from available solutions and install approved software on their devices without the help of IT staff.
• More problems solved at the first contact – This is mainly due to process automation, integrated knowledge and problem management, as well as the visibility of resources, configuration and change information.
• Minimise downtime – According to IBM estimates, about 80% of organisations can lower business risk by using advanced impact analysis and automated change procedures to ensure existing infrastructure is consistent. Fewer potential problems with hardware and software mean fewer failures.

Modern ITSM solutions mean security

Another important development trend of ITSM tools is the development of mobile applications and more frequent use of corporate resources and IT tools outside the workplace.

In such a situation, the security of data collected and processed in the organisation becomes a particularly important challenge. The dispersion of employees, often using their own home devices for professional work, the so-called bring your own device (BYOD), makes security-critical to business continuity and there is no room for compromise.

ITSM systems, enriched with appropriate tools, enable remote monitoring and installation of applications so that the software complies with the company’s security policies.Special modules constantly monitor what is happening at the workstations. Without it, it is difficult to imagine a safe and efficient business in today environment, says Jarosław Łukasiewicz.
Safety and comfort also apply to the creation of mobile applications, which employees more and more often use on smartphones and other mobile devices. For the development of ITSM, this means the necessity to provide users with various functions in the form of an efficient, intuitive, and well-secured application. And this direction of development is another clear development trend of ITSM.

ITSM solutions tailored to the needs of your company

Responding to customer needs, ITSM tools are also becoming easier to implement. We clearly notice that today not everyone wants to have huge enterprise systems, and additionally, decisions on this type of investments are being transferred from the headquarters to business leaders operating locally.

Customers are shifting away from massive enterprise-wide solutions because these kinds of investments are more complicated, longer, and more expensive. On the other hand, mid-range solutions are becoming more and more popular, as they are implemented faster and, of course, in the cloud, so without having to invest in infrastructure. If the company wants to carry out a modern implementation in a quick, safe, and flexible manner, the cloud is the best solution – adds Jarosław Łukasiewicz.

At the same time, well-designed systems, implemented separately, even in remote branches of a given company, will work together, ensuring the efficiency and security of the entire company. For that to be the case, however, the implementation of an experienced partner such as Vetasi must be relied upon.

Working on many ITSM projects and global partnership with IBM means that we have all the qualifications and competencies for this type of activity – adds Jarosław Łukasiewicz.

Do you want to know how modern ITSM solutions can support your company’s operations? Please contact us:

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