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Develop high-performing Big Data and AI solutions

We’re looking for startups working on innovative ideas that solve major business problems with the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


Our business partners:

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Scale your Big Data or AI startup with StartSmart CEE’s Big Data & AI Acceleration Program

Get the resources and support you need to bring your groundbreaking AI and Big Data solutions to life. 


Collaborate with corporate partners who are looking to solve their data challenges. 


Work together on developing your proof of concept and polishing your idea. Bring innovative solutions to a partners’ challenges and get their support in scaling your business. 


Access the feedback, expertise, know-how, and experience you need to refine, test, and turn your idea into a scalable business.

With over 300+ success stories, our Acceleration Programs are THE place to grow your startup.

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Why join our Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Program?

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Test-Drive Your Idea

Leverage our partner’s unique position and test your solution in a real-life scenario. Gather the feedback you need to improve your product or service.

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Gain Competitive Advantage

Get access to insights, data, and resources from an established corporate partner and gain a competitive edge over startups in your industry.

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Access Mentoring & Expert Advice

Get regulatory and business advice. Avoid common business mistakes and ensure your big data solution is compliant with data regulations.

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Grow Without Losing Equity

When you join our Acceleration Program, we don’t ask for equity – you get to keep 100% ownership over your startup.

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Take Your Startup to Our Expansion Week

The winner of our Demo Day will be invited to our Berlin or London Startup Expansion Week.

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Meet New Customers

Every partnership is an opportunity to turn your partner into your first customer or to take advantage of their network to acquire future clients.

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Get up to €90,000 Non-Equity Grant

Receive funding for testing and technology development, in partnership with our corporate sponsors. *This grant is available for a limited number of startups meeting the formal requirements.

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Become a Member of Our Alumni Club

Meet fellow entrepreneurs, network with potential investors, and access unique, alumni-only events and discounts.

Our Corporate Partners


Polpharma is the leader of the Polish pharmaceutical market and one of the leading drug manufacturers in the Central and Eastern European region. Established in 1935, now is a part of a strong international pharmaceutical group offering modern medicines, substances and innovative solutions to patients and business partners around the world. 400 million packages of medicines leave Polpharma factories every year. 

Through the Polpharma Science Foundation, the company funds scientific projects in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medicine and scholarships for young scientists.

How to achieve content personalization with „PersonaCraft” - creator of digital campaigns tailored for target groups with their specific interests, behaviors, and locations.
How to automate and simplify the process of identifying, analyzing, reviewing and summarizing data from scientific databases and publications.
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The PZU Group is the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The company is trusted by over 22 million customers in five countries. Operating in the areas of insurance, banking, investments, and healthcare, PZU manages nearly PLN 470 billion in assets. Implementing innovations is a crucial aspect of the PZU Ready for Startups program.


The company aims not only to respond to developments in insurtech but also to stay ahead of these trends. PZU is looking for startups operating in various areas, particularly in insurtech, advanced analytics solutions, digitalization, and new customer interactions.

How to improve business management and prediction by exploiting the potential of Data Science (both property and life insurance), e.g.
How to manage the "waste" from garages more effectively - parts of our customers' vehicles qualified for replacement or disposal?
How to recognize, verify various forms of deep fakes (text, photos, voice, video, etc.), insurance fraud.
How to support employee upskilling to take care of employee welfare and build good working habits.

Who should apply?

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You’re Working with AI and Big Data

For our Acceleration Program, we’re looking for startups working on innovative, unique ideas that involve the use of big data and artificial intelligence.

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You Can Solve Our Partner’s Data Challenge

To get accepted, your product or service has to be able to solve one of our partner’s data challenges.

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You Are Beyond the Conceptualization Phase

Ideally, you already have market traction and have created at least a functional prototype.

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You Want to Commercialize Your Innovation

Every successful cooperation ends with a commercialization agreement with one of our partners.

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Recruitment is open

Our Acceleration Program is back! Unlock unparalleled mentorship, funding, and resources to skyrocket your startup’s growth. Apply now & don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your startup to the next level.

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Solve Major Problems in Different Industries

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can be used to help businesses solve their challenges in almost any vertical and industry. 


At StartSmart CEE (formerly MIT Enterprise Forum CEE), we work closely with corporations and established businesses that are looking for ways to use AI to overcome their business challenges. 


We’re looking for startups that can leverage AI and Big Data in unique, innovative ways. 


If you believe your startup can solve one of our partner’s data challenges – apply today to our Big Data and AI Startup Accelerator.

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Application Guide

Discover all you need to know to join one of our Accelerator Programs. Learn about the exact requirements to apply, and find key dates and documents that you need to prepare. Begin the application process, join the academy, and get ready to learn and scale!

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Rules & Regulations

Learn the rules and regulations of the StartSmart CEE (formerly MIT Enterprise Forum CEE) Startup Accelerator Programs. Find out if your startup would meet the formal criteria and is eligible to apply.

Check the Regulations Document Check out
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Make a Social Impact and Win €25,000 CVC Young Innovator Award

If you or one of your startup’s key members are under 30 and your AI and Big Data innovation is aimed at creating a positive social impact, you get a chance to win €25,000. The money can be used towards the development of your innovative solution.

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Scale your Big Data & AI innovation with StartSmart CEE Acceleration Program

With over 300 success stories, we know how to help innovative startups scale. Apply now and become our next success story.

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