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Be a part of Media & Content Transformation with StartSmart CEE Startup Acceleration Program

We’re looking for startups that provide new solutions enhancing the quality, accessibility, and outcomes in key areas of the media industry.

Our business partners:

Develop your Media & Content Transformation innovation with StartSmart CEE’s Acceleration Program

At StartSmart CEE, we connect leaders in the media industry with early-stage startups that have innovative ideas and aim to develop and launch them onto the market.


Find a partner who will help you create a Proof of Concept (PoC) and refine your innovation. Gain access to the support, mentorship, and feedback you need to grow your startup.


Regardless of the segment you operate in within the media industry, our AccelerationProgram is tailored for startups embracing Media Transformation, just like yours.

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Why join our Media & Content Transformation Acceleration Program?

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Test Your Idea in a Real-Life Scenario

Get the opportunity to run a paid proof of concept and test your innovation in one of our partner’s facilities.

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Access Regulatory Expertise

Take advantage of your corporate partner’s resources, including access to expertise in media transformation, regulatory, or legal knowledge, which is crucial for the success of your startup.

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Work with Industry Mentors and Experts

Connect with business professionals and industry leaders. Access invaluable business & media transformation know-how and experience.

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Get Invited to an Exclusive Alumni Club

Grow your professional network with access to a unique startup ecosystem. Meet fellow founders and potential investors, and get invited to alumni-only events.

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Leverage Market Data and Insights

Gain access to unique industry data. Utilize this information to refine your innovative idea and gain a competitive advantage.

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Reach Potential Customers

Leverage the size and network of your corporate partner and attract customers before you even officially hit the market.

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Grow Without Losing Equity

Join an MIT-affiliated Startup Acceleration Program, access a wealth of resources, and grow your startup while keeping 100% ownership over your startup.

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Get up to €90,000 Non-Equity Grant

Receive funding for testing and technology development, in partnership with our corporate sponsors. *This grant is available for a limited number of startups meeting the formal requirements.

Our Corporate Partner

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Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery in Poland is a global leader in media and entertainment, serving its audience around the world with a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of content available in cinemas, on television and in streaming services. Apart from TVN channels and platforms, the group’s portfolio includes other iconic brands and products – the HBO bundle of scrambled film channels (HBO, HBO2, HBO3), Cinemax and Cinemax2 as well as thematic channels – Warner TV, Cartoon Network and Cartoonito. Warner Bros. Discovery also owns HBO Max™ – and in June Max – an exceptional streaming service offering the most quality content from global brands such as HBO, DC and Warner Bros. with the best local productions. The local branch of the global group also includes Warner Bros. Poland, which deals with film distribution in the Polish market.


All over the world Warner Bros. Discovery reaches audiences in 220 countries, in 50 languages. 

For more information about Warner Bros. Discovery please visit:

Digital user behavior – how to better understand, engage and monetize TV/Streaming viewers and digital users.
Content creation – searching for future enablers – how to create content easier, quicker, better.
Content access transformation – how to change the way people consume video, audio, text content.
News transformation – how to make news more engaging, better tailored to the audience.
New ways for media monetization – how to synergize with our core business to better monetize what the company does and open up to new sources of revenue.
New ways for sports events broadcast rights monetization.

Who should apply?

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Your Idea Is Truly Innovative

Media & Content Transformation are some of the most challenging verticals. What makes your idea different to those of your competitors?

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You Can Address Our Partner’s Real Challenge

To get admitted to the Program, you need to have an innovation that can address a key business challenge faced by one of our corporate partners.

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You Have at Least a Functional Prototype of Your Innovation

You have an original idea that already got market traction or that has been partially verified with at least a functional prototype.

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You’re Ready to Commercialize Your Product or Service

You’re open to working closely with one of our partners and entering into a commercialization agreement with them should they offer you one.

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Recruitment is open

Our Acceleration Program is back! Unlock unparalleled mentorship, funding, and resources to skyrocket your startup’s growth. Apply now & don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your startup to the next level.

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Introducing the new face of media and help us transform key industry sectors

We’re looking for startups that can assist us in tackling key challenges associated with media transformation. We seek innovative ideas in the realm of new media, digital communication platforms, content personalization, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other areas related to reshaping traditional media.


Please keep in mind that our needs change depending on the challenges faced by our corporate partners. 


But, if you believe that your startup can solve one of them – hit the button below and apply to join our Media transformation Acceleration Program

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Application Guide

Get all the information you need to prepare your application for StartSmart CEE (formerly MIT Enterprise Forum CEE) Startup Accelerator Program. Find out key dates and required documents. Begin your application today and get ready to scale!

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Rules & Regulations

Review the formal regulations and guidelines for the StartSmart CEE (formerly MIT Enterprise Forum CEE) Accelerator Programs. Determine whether your startup satisfies the eligibility requirements necessary to apply and participate.

Check the Regulations Document Check out

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With over 300 success stories and counting, we know how to help startups succeed.


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